Extra Dog Training Collar for DT-V Vibration Model (Black and Blue) Training System

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Extra Dog Training Collar for DT-V Vibration Model (Black and Blue). This extra collar only works when controlled with the transmitter/remote of the DT-V system. It is not an automatic bark collar. This item is sold at cost price so no profit is made on the extra collars. This is our way to give back to the customer.

5 reviews for Extra Dog Training Collar for DT-V Vibration Model (Black and Blue) Training System

  1. Jessi Proctor

    Works perfectly thank you

  2. Stephanie Coles

    Very happy

  3. Rob Toth

    Received the product by the due date and it was as described. Took me a few minutes to set up both collars, but was easy enough to do. Only had one problem with things and that was during shipping the inside packaging got broken open and a few prongs were missing. Contacted the seller and the problem is being taken care of, Not many company’s offer this kind of customer service these days highly recommend this company. And the collars work as described after a few hours my two pups were doing better. One is American Bull Dog/Australian Shepard mix and the other is Golden Retriever/Pit/Shar Pei mix. Both full of energy and also a bit Bull headed.

  4. Jo Sebby

    Hands down the best dog training system I’ve used!
    I have seven English Jack Russells on fifty acres and now all day with everyone off leash, I have no worries about dogs disappearing into the forest.

  5. Matthew Paine

    Overall excellent collar’s and they worked great. My only complaint is the cover for the charging ports. While it does well overall keeping water out it is too easy for it to accidentally be knocked open in the course of the day of the dog wearing it…allowing water to get inside and start to corrode the connectors. This has happened to both collars and one stopped charging. We did contact customer support and they are sending us a replacement collar at no charge as we are still in the warranty phase of the system we bought. I believe a a better and more secure system would be a screw on cap with a o-ring to seal it. Overall would most likely purchase again.

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