Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar: How to connect 1 receiver with the remote/transmitter.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar: How to disconnect 1 receiver from the remote/transmitter.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar- How to connect 2 receivers to the remote/transmitter.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar: How to disconnect 2 receivers from the remote/transmitter

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar: How to connect 3 receivers to the remote/transmitter.

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar: How to disconnect 3 receivers from the remote/transmitter.

How to Carefully Disconnect the Battery

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar: Customer review video

Frequently Asked Questions and Help for DT-V Dog Training Collar with Remote

Is the stimulation safe for my dog? While the stimulation is unpleasant (it produces a static shock like we sometimes experience as humans), it is harmless to your dog. These devices also require interaction and training from the owner to achieve desired results.

Is the collar waterproof? Yes, they are designed to be completely waterproof. Any problems please contact us on (503) 746-8283 or email us for a faster or similar response time.

If the rubber stopper comes away from the charging port, is the collar and remote still waterproof? Yes, this makes no difference to the waterproof status of the device, though keep in place if possible to keep debris out and for peace of mind.

How old should my dog be before I use this device? It is recommended that your dog be 6 months old to use a training collar. Your dog should have learned the basic commands such as sit or stay.

How big does my dog need to be to use this device? Your dog needs to be over 10lbs to use this device.

The collar doesn’t fit my dog, what should I do? If the collar doesn’t fit your dog you can remove the receiver and put it on to a collar that does fit your dog ok.

The collar is too long, is it ok to cut off the excess collar? Yes

Once my dog is trained, do I still need to use the collar? This is up to you, you can keep the collar on for insurance, or only wear it in high risk environments. If you dog is completely trustworthy now you can choose either way. You may also just use it from time to time as a reinforcement or as a refresher for certain behaviors.

Where can I purchase extra collars? Extra collars are currently available on Amazon and if out of stock, will reappear there shortly. They may be available on our website and elsewhere depending on when you’re reading this message. You need the DT-V collar, which comes in a box similar to this device and has a blue collar.

Can I use this on my aggressive dog? We do not recommend any of our products to be used on aggressive dogs. In this situation please contact your local veterinarian or professional to trainer to determine if your dog might be aggressive.

Will I get exactly the 3/4 mile range as advertised? Testing for the 3/4 mile range is performed in perfect conditions. The range you get will vary according to terrain, weather, vegetation, as well as, transmission from other radio devices. For best results make sure the collar has the light closest to the dogs nose and you hold the remote horizontally and away from your body.

How long can I give continuous stimulation to my dog? You can hold down the vibration or shock button for up to 8 seconds before the safety feature kicks in and it stops. You then need to press the button again if you want to shock for up to 8 seconds again.

What do I do if on the off chance my dogs neck becomes red and irritated? This is due to the contact points irritating the skin. Discontinue use for a few days. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian. Once the skin returns to normal, resume use and monitor the skin condition closely. You should be checking regularly for irritation as every dog responds differently and some are sensitive to stainless steel.

Can I use a leash with the training collar on? DO NOT attach a least to the training collar. You may use a separate non-metallic collar on your dogs neck and attach a leash. Be sure the extra collar does not interfere with the contact prongs.

How do I know if the collar is working? Use the test light that comes with your device. Set up the collar then match and hold the prongs to the metal strip on the test light. You then press the shock to see if the button lights up. If they do then the collar is ready to go.

Can I test the collar on the back of my hand or arm? This is up to you and we take no liability for this action. Some people choose to do this so they can feel the intensity that the dog is experiencing. The lower levels might not be felt by you depending on your sensitivity.

Is this a continuous or one-time shock? Both. It will stop when you let go of the button. If you only press it once then is will be a one-time shock. If you hold down the button you can emit a shock for up to 8 seconds, before stopping and pressing the button again.

Will this work automatically when my dog barks? No, you need to press a button to control the device.

How many dogs can I set up on this system? 3, you need to purchase extra collars if needed.

Do I need to set up the collar every time I use it? No, even though it is quick once you know what you are doing, it has a memory function and saves your last settings and remains connected unless you have disconnected the collar.

How long does the battery last? The length of time the battery lasts between charges depends on how much you use the device. If used often is will need to be charged every other day like a mobile phone. The batteries are designed to last 3-5 years if used regularly. Any problems please contact us and we can send a replacement.

How do I purchase additional batteries or spare parts? We usually have spares available on Amazon or contact us and we will let you know what we have that we can send you.

Do you have any set up videos? We have a short connection and disconnection video that will be available on the website soon if not already. More videos will be available on the website soon and anything like this can always be found at or on YouTube.

Do I need to sign up for my warranty? Yes, please visit and fill in your information to register for your warranty.

Do you offer any discount codes on your products? We sometimes offer discounts so please enquire by emailing to find out if we currently have any promotions running.

What is the best way to contact you? The best way to contact us in terms of reply times is emailing due to time zone differences and somebody is likely to reply out of work hours this way. You can also call us on: (503) 746-8283 and if nobody answers, leave a message and you will usually receive a call back pretty soon too. We often receive positive comments for our response time so trust that someone will be with you to help as soon as possible.

Help for DT-V Dog Training Collar with Remote

My collar won’t stop beeping? This defect has occurred in a small amount of receivers and if this does occur you just need to reset and it should be good to go. To do this, open up the back and carefully disconnect the battery where it connects between the 2 wires, you will see a little white bit between the wires where it clips in, gently use your nail to unclip it, then connect it back up again, this will reset the collar. If this doesn’t resolve the issue please just let us know and we will handle it.

My collar receiver or remote won’t turn on? If this happens please just reset the item that is affected assuming the unit is charged and it isn’t a broken charger issue. If it is the collar use the method above, if it is the remote, open up the back and you will see the battery clip into the back of the remote, gently use your nail to unclip it where it attaches into the back. Once you have disconnected the battery, connect it back up again, this will reset the remote. If neither of these work you either need a replacement battery or a replacement unit that you can contact us for via email or call. From how you describe the issue we will know what to send you and will do it fast.